It’s not you it’s me: I’m not gonna watch that show.

The short answer is: I’m part of the control group.

The long answer is: I am currently a 40-something and grew up with a lot of television and have spent enough of my life in a “TV Show Hype Cycle” and nearly every show I was ever excited over or held dear is either problematic or loved by people way more intense and gatekeep-ey than me. I am now at that weird hipster point where I don’t want to watch the show that everyone else is excited-about precisely because I have done that before and now am super-wary due to some combination of:

  • The show didn’t make me feel the way whomever wanted me to feel, causing weird conflicts.
  • I enjoyed it immensely and let it become part of my personality only to find it was made-by and/or starred manipulative turbo-monsters.
  • I wouldn’t be able to re-watch it because it has lots of little 3-edgy-5-me in-jokes of the present time that will be really gross in a decade.
  • I graduated in 2003. I’m grown and I’ll do what I want, and I don’t want to do friendship homework.

If you really, really want me to watch something, invite me to hang out (I would even be willing to do it over discord if we aren’t remote-local to each other or you don’t want to have people in your space or commute) and watch it with you.

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